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Reflexology Dana Point CA


(Swedish Massage)

Relaxing full body massage incorporates long kneading and gliding strokes to ease tense, sore muscles and promote increased circulation.  Provides a feeling of heightened well-being.

60 min.  $89  ·  90 min.  $119


(Deep Tissue Massage)

A massage designed for those who prefer deeper pressure and/or want to address specific muscle and joint groups. Deep tissue massage can be extremely therapeutic in relieving chronic patterns of tension and pain related to musculature issues and injuries.

60 min.  $99  ·  90 min.  $129


(Hot Stone Massage)

Indulge with this relaxing treatment.  Smooth stones are heated to the ideal temperature, and then placed on the body with a special blend of oils.  The stones are massaged across the body for the ultimate in relaxation and tension release.

 90 min.  $139


(Mother to be Massage)

A prenatal massage designed specifically to meet the special needs of expectant mothers.  This massage eases muscle aches, fatigue and postural pressures associated with pregnancy while accommodating mother and baby both safely and comfortably. 

60 min.  $109  ·  90 min.  $139


(Custom Therapuetic Massage)

This massage is tailored and personalized specifically to your needs.  A combination of our Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage are utilized to provide the best of what both have to offer, a fusion of relaxation and relief for sore muscles.

60 min.  $99  ·  90 min  $129


(Back, Neck and ShoulderMassage)

A classic massage to loosen your muscles and release tension in your back, neck and shoulders.

30 min.  $49


An ancient healing art based on the principals that specific reflex points on the hands and feet correspond to different body organs and systems.  The benefits of applying acupressure and massage to these points are improved circulation, restored energy, balance and overall health and well-being.

30 min.  $49

Deep Tissue Massage Dana Point CA
 Hot Stone Massage Dana Point CA


ADDITIONAL 15 Min    $20

ADDITIONAL 30 Min   $40

Peppermint Foot Therapy

Additional Time

Prenatal Massage Dana Point, CA
Swedish Relaxation Massage Dana Point CA

A revitalizing treatment focusing on pressure sensors in the feet and calves to release energy flow and tension.  The use of peppermint not only eases muscle stiffness, but also increases circulation.  $10

Express Body Polish

Enjoy an invigorating full body exfoliation prior to your massage.  25 min.  $65

Dry Body Brushing

A brisk and beneficial body treatment which stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems for increased toxin elimination and surface exfoliation. 15 min. $25


Enhance your massage and sensory experience with essential oils specially selected for you. $10