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The ultimate in exfoliation.  Gently rejuvenates your complexion by eliminating the effects of the sun, aging and acne scars. Delicately removes the outermost layer of the skin to reveal smoother softer skin.

Face   30 min $45

Décolleté   30 min $45

Hands  15 min $25

Ultrasonic Treatment

Cutting-edge ultrasonic technology utilizes low-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to exfoliate, deep cleanse, repair and stimulate the skin at a cellular level.  10 min $25

Microcurrent Therapy

Referred to as a “natural” facelift". This safe and painless facial treatment helps erase fine lines and wrinkles, while firming your skin and defining your features. It improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, increases cellular activity, and tightens pores. Completely painless with immediate and long lasting results.  20 min.  $40

Eminence Lip Treatment

Erase the appearance of winter dryness and treat your lips to a naturally effective three-step treatment. Gentle fruit enzymes refine the lip area, followed by an extra rich masque that deeply hydrates. Finish with a delicious minty non-petroleum based take-home balm that stimulates lip-plumping collagen.  10 min $20

Celluma LED Light Treatment

Relaxing treatment designed to focus on your individual skin concerns. LED lights target everything from rosacea, inflammation, and fine lines, to hyperpigmentation, sagging skin and acne.  30 min $40

Decolette Treatment

Our necks and décolleté require the same attention as our face. Expand your facial cleansing, exfoliation, massage, masque and hydration down through the décolleté area working to infuse this delicate skin with essential nutrients and a specialized masque.  15 min  $30

Age-Defying Eye


A gentle rejuvenating eye treatment masque which reduces puffiness, softens fine lines and hydrates the delicate eye area while infusing collagen into the skin.   10 min $20

Collagen Lip Sheet Mask

Refreshing, hydrating, effective natural mask combines high-density marine collagen, enzymes, amino acids  and vitamins to soften and smooth parched dry lips.  5 min $10

Additional Pampering

30min  $40

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